10 Things You May Not Know About Me (Part 1)

 10 Things You May Not Know About Me…

This is basically what I see without corrective lenses... (image from cargocollective.com)

This is basically what I see without corrective lenses… (image from cargocollective.com)

1. I have TERRIBLE eye sight.  No… like seriously.  I was told without corrective lenses I am LEGALLY BLIND.  When I wake up in the morning, before putting my glasses on, all I can see are blurry objects in different colors.  My husband laughs at me because apparently if I can’t find my glasses, I do this one eye open creepy sort of fumbling around to find them.  LOL.  Thankfully, contact lenses have been invented and provide me with 20/20 vision after putting them in… Or should I say… after I do the one eye open creepy squinting thing to find them first.

My mom laughs hysterically when she recalls one story of taking me to the eye doctor.  Apparently, when the doctor asked me to read the lines of random letters, I would did so with extreme confidence… and answered every. single. one. wrong.  LOL!  I then noticed a blurry shadow of my mom convulsing with laughter in the corner.  I figured out the hard way that eye sight testing is not my strong suite (insert public embarrassment)… -11 BABY!



This pretty much sums up our relationship.

This pretty much sums up our relationship.

2. I am a HUUUUUUGE goofball and I love pulling pranks.  When my husband and I started dating and he invited me to meet his parents and best friends for the first time, I decided that when being introduced I would pretend to be cross-eyed.  I have this bizarre talent, probably due to my terrible vision (there is always a silver lining…), that allows me to cross one eye at a time.  So, as my then boyfriend, Sam, introduced me to everyone, I dramatically looked each one of them straight in the eyes while crossing just one of mine.  One of his friends got so flustered and awkward that he started sweating right through his shirt… literal pit stains down to his waist.  It. was. hilarious.

And it makes for a great story.  The pit stain guy was also my husband’s best man, and he told the story at our wedding.

The takeaway from that one is… Never be afraid to be yourself.  Ever.  People should accept you for who you are, and if they don’t, then that is your queue to find a new set of people to hang with.




Me at one of the happiest places on earth!

Me at one of the happiest places on earth!

3. I am a book addict and my happy place consists of a comfortable chair, coffee, and a book.  I have to stop myself from going to Amazon.com and giddily purchasing up everything on my wish list… which is PAGES loooong.  There is something about holding a book that gives me peace and immediate relief from all the world’s pressures.  I read to learn.  I read to escape.  I read to inspire… I read everything that I can find that sparks my interest.  I really am an addict.  Like, for REALZ.  But I can think of a lot worse to be addicted to, so I’m not going to sweat it (although my bank account would be a little plumper if I limited my reading consumption).




4. Most people think that I am an extrovert.  I’m a performer.  I love to sing in front of lots of people.  I have no problem starting and facilitating conversations with strangers or being in large crowds, however, I derive extreme pleasure from being alone… which makes me an introvert.  My “cup” runneth over when I have silent mornings by myself where I can do yoga and read and pray/meditate.

Solitary time allows me to recharge my battery and gives me the energy I need to entertain a crowd or start conversations with people I haven’t met yet.  I need that time to reflect and to enter into the presence of each moment.  It surprises people when I tell them that, but it is my truth.  You have to figure out what feeds you and do it… every. day.


Figure our what feeds you, and do it. Every. Day

Figure out what feeds you, and do it. Every. Day.

This is my Mama.  She is beautiful.

This is my Mama. She is beautiful.

5. I do accents.  Growing up, my mom used to read bed time stories to me in all kinds of accents (British, French, Spanish, etc.)… Apparently at one point I got so frustrated with her that she told me I pleaded for her to “speak American to me.”  Lol.  Now, looking back, I’m so impressed by how my mother amused herself while reading the same stories to me over and over.  She’s pretty amazing.

Now, because of that early influence, I love to mimic different accents.  One time in college, I was being interviewed by a panel of judges for who would be our school’s homecoming queen and one of the questions was, “What is something interesting about you that we do not know already?” – I immediately said, “I do accents.”  And I broke into my best British and Southern dialects on the spot.  It was fun, and I love making people laugh by doing unexpected, silly things.  (Its also a great skill to have when doing prank phone calls).


Have an awesome day, and thanks for stopping by,

As always – I wish you LIGHT, LOVE, & PEACE,

Jaclyn Steele

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