2014 – The Year of Consciousness

2014 Came roaring in faster than I imagined.  Like most of us, I’ve been tossing around new year resolutions, but instead of choosing what I normally would (work out more, read more, blah, blah, blah), I decided to take a couple of weeks to seriously consider what I want to transform about my life (I am, after all, in charge of it). After much consideration, I came to the conclusion that I want this year to be focused on the transformation of my mind.  I want to come to greater levels of understanding, and knowledge, yes, but furthermore, I want to live in a place of consciousness– Ex: What emotion am I experiencing right now?/ Where is this feeling coming from?/ How did I contribute to my current circumstance?/ What can I do, right now in this moment, to be stronger, wiser, more compassionate?/ What steps can I take TODAY toward the person I want to be next year?  … I call being aware of these thoughts (and then striving to answer them),  being conscious.  Personally, I believe a conscious mind, is a healthy mind, and once the mind is healthy, other areas of life fall into place with it.  Simple concept?  Yes.  Executing the concept? Not quite so simple.

I am an old soul.  I remember as a child gravitating more toward adults than children my age because I found I learned so much from their conversations, so expanding my mind is not an entirely new quest for me… However, awakening my mind toward this consciousness is.  I have spent much of my life studying, researching, seeking wisdom for what’s next, without giving much thought for what is happening now.  I believe many of us live our lives in search for what is around the corner, rather than living in what is right now.  I want to stop searching for what’s next, and start being present for each day as I’m living it.  It is a very simple approach, but one that takes a lot of perspective shifting to achieve.

My actions say a lot about me.  I have taken some time to examine them.  Where are my actions rooted? From a place of fear?  From a feeling of inadequacy?  From a place of confidence? From a place of triumph?  Or a place of defeat?  I do not need to beat myself up about where they are rooted, but rather why they are rooted there…  To me, that is the key.  What are my “triggers?”  What is it that triggers anger in me?  What is it that triggers sadness?  What is it that triggers joy?  … When I examine my actions to find what emotion lies beneath them, then I can uncover why I am feeling what I am feeling each day, therefore awakening my consciousness.  Instead of medicating my emotion with TV, or alcohol, or chaos to distract (pick your poison, there are countless options), I would rather channel my emotion into something productive (read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron if you want more information on this).  For me, there came a point in my life when I realized, that my future is dependent upon my decisions now.  I am responsible–no one else.  I want to choose to live a life of consciousness, of well being, because again, I believe that when the mind is healthy, the rest falls into place (or into perspective).

Now, back to my goals (that was quite a lengthy intro…).  I have three, as I think having many more than that at once, requires more focus than I have to give.  All three of my goals are centered around consciousness.

1. Play the Guitar.  I am a musician, and a songwriter, and when I play the guitar, I feel released and completely free–as if everything I am feeling can be channeled into something creative.  And when I am being creative is when I feel most alive.  And when I feel alive, I feel uncontrollably happy.

2. Do Yoga.  When I do yoga, I feel my mind and spirit coming into alignment with my body.  That may sound silly, but after class, I feel centered, present, and satisfied–and I like feeling that way.  There is no doubt in my mind that there is a connection between the mind, body, and spirit, and for me, yoga nourishes these three areas of my life.

3. Be Conscious.  Above, I already touched on what I believe being conscious is, and for me, it is my most lofty, but also my most important goal. I wrote my goals out, and decorated them in a way I found visually appealing, and then framed them, and put them on my mantle where I will see them every day.  I want the visual reminder to trigger my mental one… Nothing is impossible. (Luke 1:37)  Not for me.  Not for you. Not for anyone.

Go love one another and vie en rouge!


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