Jaclyn Steele: Album Cover Shoot


Jaclyn, born and raised in Iowa, started singing when she was three and remembers from an early age the desire to be a professional musician. She started performing locally at the age of six, and from that point on, knew that music was going to play a big role in her life. As a child, Jaclyn prepared for a career in music by taking vocal, piano, and guitar lessons. Every day after school she practiced singing along to various types of music to challenge her vocal range and discover what her voice was capable of doing. (She will tell you that she credits her after school practice sessions for clocking the ten thousand hours Malcolm Gladwell claims it requires to achieve expertise in any craft).

Her attention to detail and vocal control won her lead roles in local musicals, placement in talent shows, and invitations to sing the national anthem at local events.  In 2012, she won Female Vocalist of the Year at the prestigious International Presentation of Performers competition in Los Angeles, CA.

After attending and graduating from Baylor University with a BA in International Studies, and a stint in New Orleans, Louisiana with Teach for America, Jaclyn decided her life long dream of a music career could wait no more.  In a leap of faith, she moved to California and began a year of what she claims as “intense artist incubation” in which she, “studied the art of song writing [under the tutelage of Michael Capella], performance, character development, and the music industry.”

Intuitively, she knew if she wanted to make it in the entertainment industry, it would require more than raw talent, but also business savvy, and thick skin.

Jaclyn absolutely loves to perform and entertain, but she also strives to go a step further — connect with her audience. Every show is an opportunity to convey the power of music and its ability to take humanity through a wide range of emotions. With each song she sings, Jaclyn takes on the persona of the character within, hoping to tug on her audiences’ heart strings, but also to make them laugh, dance, and feel internal joy.  Her humility combined with her sassy zest for life make for quite an entertainer — one that takes everything about her craft seriously except herself.

In sum, Jaclyn would offer her favorite quote of all time spoken by Mother Teresa, “I can do no great things, only small things with great love.” And that is exactly what Jaclyn wants to do — touch the lives of those around her through her great love of both music and humanity.