Dealing with Frustrating Setbacks

I posted the 1st episode of REBEL Wednesday one week ago!  After posting it last week, I was so excited to get started on another episode, I began creating it right away.  I filmed it on Friday, edited and tweaked until Tuesday morning, and then pushed the “upload” button on YouTube.  I was thinking…

Man, I’m ahead of schedule.  That never happens.  This is so exciting.

I have a terrible habit of being late (which I’m working on), so this was a pleasant experience for me.  I sat back, ready to take in the awesome-ness of finishing this video ahead of time, and then I saw…

Upload = 2800 minutes

What?!?!?! 2800 minutes?!?!!? I know I’m new to videography and editing and iMovie in general, but I did knew this was not good (I bet some of you videography geniuses are laughing at me right now because you know exactly what I did wrong…).  Its seemed like every time I attempted to upload the video, it would load up to 50%, which took several hours, and then FAIL! Arrrrrgh.

Here is a rundown of my many attempts.

1st attempt: FAILED. – I thought it was my internet connection.

2nd attempt: FAILED. – I thought my computer needed a software update. – Which it actually did.  Yosemite and iMovie both had a new updates available.

3rd attempt: FAILED. – I thought it was YouTube. Picture me furiously googling if “youtube is down?” LOL.  Is that even possible?!?!?!

4th attempt: FAILED. – I thought it was the weather.  Its been rainy and icky and I thought maybe it was interfering with my internet connection.

5th attempt: FAILED. – I finally figured out it was my file size.  My file size for this particular episode was HUGE.  I wanted it to be crisp and clear and totally HD, but alas, between that and the length, the file was the size of Texas.

(I actually tried a few more attempts at loading than I listed above, but they just resulted in language that consists of 4 letter words that my grandmother would say are not lady like to repeat.)


Let me be really transparent though, it just so happens that technology setbacks seem to be my particular trigger.

I can go from this…

Jaclyn is zen

to this…


in a hot minute.

I fancy myself pretty good with technology.  Heck, I built this website you are using – using WordPress & pretty stellar template – but still, I’m pretty tech savvy, so when there is something that has me stumped,  I go a little batty.

Okay, maybe not that batty.  But still.  It gets to me.

So, I watched a bunch of videos on how to compress videos, (oh the irony!!!), and tried several different things, and finally got to the point where the file size was no longer the size of Texas, but something a little more modest like, Vermont.  Or maybe Virginia.  Or maybe Louisiana…. Enough with the state comparisons.  The file got smaller… and YouTube seems to be allowing it into “The Union” – or at least we will find out.  Its loading now….

I didn’t give in to my setback.  I didn’t quit.  And neither should you.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because when you have something that you know in your gut you need to get out into the world, it is your JOB to do so.  Don’t let anything get in your way!  Setbacks and frustration happen.  Its ok.

And they happen just as much on the road to pursuing your purpose as they do anywhere else.  Discovering your purpose doesn’t coincide with a magic pill that makes the journey easy.  But, again, that’s ok – because we learn every step of the way and it makes. us. better. at what we are trying to do.

Creativity is not always easy.

Dream Chasing is not always easy.

Pursuing Your Passions is not always easy.

Living a Life filled with YOUR Purpose is not always easy.

But. Its. Good.

So its ALL good.  My video may not have been blasted out to the Universe at 6 AM Wednesday morning like I planned, but that’s ok.  I’ve dubbed my vlogs for The REBEL Society as “REBEL Wednesday,” but if they are published on Thursday… That’s fine.  I’m not perfect.  Life isn’t perfect.  This whole thing I’m doing isn’t perfect, so I’m going to let it flow and allow God to do what God does… or not do what God doesn’t do.  Everything will be the way it is supposed to be, either way.

So, the moral of the story is:

Setbacks can occur.  No big deal.

To learn to be at peace with not being perfect is a far greater takeaway than having everything go according to plan.  

And know that if your heart is in the right place, everything will work out the way it is supposed to anyway.

No need to stress.  No need to worry.  Just let it flow.

And get this, I learned this lesson from my setback that resulted in this post telling you that its okay to experience setbacks.  I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  AND I don’t think its a coincidence that Episode 2 just. finished. loading.

Party on, Wayne.



Jaclyn Steele

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Frustrating Setbacks

  1. Total agreement. I just saw Jeff Beck in concert with ZZ Top. A bunch of old school guys who probably don’t need the money and yet they exuded joyous passion for playing music in front of appreciative listeners. I’ve seen and heard famous artists dog it before paying customers but both bands played at the highest levels of proficiency. Jeff Beck in particular was artistically amazing. I recall how he was fired by the Yardbirds in the middle of a US tour because he was voicing his frustrations with the band too much. It must have been difficult to pick up the pieces but he did and, as Jimmy Page said at Jeff’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he just keeps getting better. So we all have to keep working, it doesn’t hand itself to you! <3 Owen

    1. Owen-

      You are so right. Excellence isn’t something you are born with… you have to keep plugging forward and honing your craft. I bet that concert was AMAZING. I would have loved to have been there!!!!!!!!!

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