Everyday Adventure: Cafe Sunflower – Atlanta, GA

(Caution: Do not proceed on an empty stomach)

Vegetarian restaurants really get me going.  I love that EVERYTHING on the menu is up for grabs for someone like me who is used to dining at restaurants where only a small portion of the menu is reserved for vegetarian or vegan fare.  Options, options, options = happy, happy, HAPPY!

Cafe Sunflower in Atlanta, GA is absolutely delicious! – for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike.  When my vegan sister-in-law came to visit from California, we knew this was the place to bring her to directly from the airport.  The menu has a lot of variety with all kinds of American and ethnic infused dishes.  YUM! … even my everyday meat-eating-gun-toting-father-in-law said he loved it. (What?!?! – happy dance)

And in case you don’t believe me, check out the pictures.  I dare you not to salivate.

Cafe Sunflower 3 Cafe Sunflower 4 Cafe Sunflower 5 Cafe Sunflower 6Cafe Sunflower 7

Cafe Sunflower 9 Cafe Sunflower 8 Cafe Sunflower 10

Happy Eating!



I wish you Light, Love, & Peace,

Jaclyn Steele

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