Featured in Atlanta Social Magazine!

Big News!

My blog has been featured in Atlanta Social Magazine online and now we are teaming up for a series of blog posts.

I am honored and so excited.

I have been working really hard on building my blog and creating great content.  Its been a lot of long hours in front of a computer screen but the voice from the movie Field of Dreams that says, “if you build it, they will come” has encouraged me to keep at it. (Never give up!  Never surrender!)

They chose to begin with the post From Wine to Peaches.  If you missed this post, check it out again here.  Or view it directly in Atlanta Social Magazine, here.

I want to encourage all of you to trust your gut and inner voice.  I have spent hours and hours on my blog to seemingly no avail, but I have always felt my inner voice telling me that my time was not being wasted and when the timing was right, opportunities would arise.

Its easy to get discouraged when your work isn’t recognized, or even worse, not paid attention to at all, but the most valuable lessons are learned during the journey–not at the arrival point.  I am ecstatic to be making connections, but also grateful that I am learning so much in the process.

May you never give up on your inner voice or dreams!

I wish you LIGHT & LOVE,

Jaclyn Steele

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