Her Heart is Wild

Hi Friends!

It has been a very busy year thus far.  I’ve moved – 3 times (you don’t even want to know), gotten a band together (several versions of the same band), and launched the-rebel-society.com (yay for coaching and mentorship services).

It has been a good year, not without its challenges, but good nonetheless.  However, in the midst of all the busyness, I have felt my creativity take a back seat.  I hate that because when I am not cultivating my creativity, I don’t feel fully like myself.

So in that spirit, I’m going to share a short poem I wrote on a flight recently.

Also as a PSA, the-rebel-society.com will now house all the rebel posts and jaclynsteele.com will house creative, musical, and career posts.  I felt like I was trying to stuff too many thoughts and branding concepts into one website. – Hope it will be a little clearer now. 🙂


Her Heart is Wild

Her heart is wild.

It beckons her like the wind.

No chains, no strings, – pure unadulterated freedom.

Her heart is wild.

It’s joy pumps through her veins.

Change is celebrated and simply viewed as a new adventure.

Her heart is wild.

It beats so red and true.

Like a fire lights up the darkness – every beat like a drum guiding her on.


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