I am here… to sing.

Welcome to post TWO in the I am here series.  If you don’t know what this series is about, check it out here.

I truly believe that God gives each and every one of us GIFTS specific to our purpose on this planet.  And I believe that many of these gifts present themselves as something, in our limited language, we would call a “talent.”

Being born with a talent (each of us have at least one), is one of the purest gifts we will ever receive.  Think about it… God created you and placed this thing we call talent inside of you to be used at your will.  How amazing is that?  Its innate.  Its natural.  Its a gift. – And it has NOTHING to do with us being deserving… it is simply. a. gift. We have jurisdiction over how we use it, and that leads me to one of the reasons I believe I am here…

I am here to sing.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God gave me a gift… My voice.  I didn’t do anything to deserve this gift. I was born with it. Just like we are all bought born with gifts. We don’t really deserve any of them. But I think that’s the point… They are given to us to be used according to our purpose.  God gave each of us a purpose and gifts that compliment that purpose accordingly.  They are an absolute blessing with the mark of our Creator who intends to touch others through the use of our gifts.

All of that to say, I believe my voice is a gift of which I am totally & completely & wholly undeserving.  And because of that, I don’t believe it’s mine to keep silent.  I believe God gave it to me because he knew I would use it according to my purpose.

I have worked on improving my voice.  I have spent hours and hours and hours practicing (just ask my Mom).  I have spent many nights with shaky knees honing my performance skills in front of audiences that may or may not have been paying attention. But, none of that would matter if God hadn’t given a voice in the first place.  Again, it was freely given to me.  It has NOTHING to do with me.

May ALL the glory go to my Creator.

Because God gifted me this voice, I know it part of my grander purpose to use it:

To use it for good.

To use it to spread joy.

To use it to insight happiness.

To use it to make people think.

To use it to love.

There is no greater force on the planet than love. And I believe music is one of the most effective tools in spreading love – therefore my voice is a very powerful tool for love. I intend to use it wisely.

This brings me to a much broader point… You possess a gift.  God gave it to you for a reason.  I whole-heartedly believe the gifts we are born with parallel our greater purpose, and our purpose directly points us in the direction of our dream, and our dreams ignite passion in us, and passion fuels creativity.

Do you see how this is all connected?  When you discover your gifts, you discover your purpose, your dream, your passion, your creativity.  They all go hand in hand – and fuel each other.  Uncovering your innate gift is often the tipping point that leads to discovering the other reasons you were purposefully placed on this planet.

Gifts have no hierarchy.  No gift is better than another gift.  Just as we are all different, so are our gifts.  But in the scheme of life, I believe our gifts will all play together like perfect harmonies in a song.

You are gifted.  You are talented.  Your life has purpose.

Do you believe it?  I do.


Much, much, MUCH looooooove,

Jaclyn Steele

2 thoughts on “I am here… to sing.

  1. My gift is learning and sharing how to age gracefully. Realizing that aging requires some skills and gifts is the first step. I don’t feel like my elders shared very openly their processes of aging. I would like to have known more what was going on inside their heads. I am intending to share more openly my processes. Just writing this comment is a step in that process. Thanks for encouraging this courage in me Jaclyn.

    1. This topic is HUGELY important in our culture. I applaud you for this. Thank you for your generosity in continuing the conversation… and I would love to keep it going, as well. I really dislike how our culture promotes this idea of our worth correlating with our age. Our worth has nothing to do with our age – but who we intrinsically are. We are divine beings – amazing creatures walking this planet with infinite value. I love you so much and am so looking forward to chatting with you about this. <3

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