Meditation Monday: The Awe of Letting It Be

The Awe of Letting it Be

The Holiday Season is easily overwhelming and on Christmas morning I found myself being drawn to a song by Yael Naim called “Pachad” – which in Hebrew means, “to be in dread, or in awe.”  Whenever I feel drawn to something, I try and explore it, so I decided to meditate with my head phones on while listening to this song.

My mantra was centered around rising above the relational intricacies and underlying awkwardness, and sometimes resentment, that being with family can stir up (I’m sure I stir the same feelings in them, as well).  I always want to be present with my family and pour love on them and enjoy them for who they are, but, as is often the case with me, I have to center myself first in order to do that.

So, I followed my heart, sat cross-legged with my back straight, and allowed this song to flow over me like water in a stream while I took a mental break from my circumstances.

Sometimes, you have to allow whatever is happening around you to simply flow – as if you are a rock in a stream – let the “water” swirl and move around you knowing you are where you are for a purpose.

And at times there is no escaping your circumstance, so rather than fight against the it, it is easier to allow whatever is happening to flow around you effortlessly – just like a rock does in the stream.

 It is profound to just let things be.


May this song take you to wherever your heart needs to go and may you find peace and harmony there.


I wish you LIGHT, LOVE, & PEACE,


Jaclyn Steele

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