Music Career: The most incredible thing happened last night…

(This was written Friday, August 14th, 2015)

The most incredible thing happened last night.

I attended an open mic in Buford, GA.

That isn’t abnormal for me. I attend a lot of open mics.

This was different though. I found this open mic night through Its a very cool service that lists hundreds of open mics all over the country. I signed up a week in advance to make sure I would have a chance to perform. Everything was on track. I was to go on at 8PM Thursday evening – me and my guitar player, Michael Gibson.

I was pretty excited. I always get excited playing venues I haven’t played before. Then I got a text early Thursday morning from my guitar player saying that he couldn’t attend due to some work obligations. No problem I thought. We can just go next week.

So I emailed David Craver, the open mic organizer, and told him the situation. He promptly emailed me back and said he would accompany me on any songs I wanted to play. I thought, if he is willing then so am I.  I had a gut feeling I really needed to attend, so I went for it.

I played a couple of original songs, and then was asked to sing several more songs – covers that we both had in common.  It was so much fun!  There is something about the spontaneity of being on the stage playing with someone you have never played with before, singing songs you have never sang in public. Its incredibly exciting and definitely keeps me on my toes.

Then it happened. I was approached by a lovely woman between songs. She handed me her card and said, “Call me, please.”

Awesome I thought. Of course I will call her. I sang a couple more songs and then got off stage, and this time I approached her to properly introduce myself. She immediately asked me to play on Saturday evening. There is a huge show Saturday night (August 15th, 2015) that several Nashville influencers will be attending along with LOUD – a company that is trying to revolutionize the way artists distribute their music and get paid.

Here is the kicker.  And this is a doozy.

I wrote an affirmation yesterday morning stating that:

“I have a job that only I can do and I am rewarded beyond my wildest dreams. My songs, my voice, my creative ideas, my REBEL Society, & my infinite love spread all over the world. I am paid more today. And it only goes up from here.”

It is an affirmation inspired by Rebecca Campbell and her book, Light is the New Black.

I wrote that in my journal yesterday morning and then this happened last night. How incredible is that?!?!?!

God is so good and this is just further evidence that when you state to the Universe your intentions, those helping hands line up beside you. I’m feeling so awestruck by God right now.

Though this has often been my experience and it can be yours, too.

I play tomorrow at 9 PM. I couldn’t be more excited.


Thank you for coming along in this journey with me.



Jaclyn Steele

10 thoughts on “Music Career: The most incredible thing happened last night…

      1. Thank you, Mary!!! This journey has been such a joy. I feel like a sponge – learning so much as I go. Love to you and Eddie! <3

  1. Whoooooo Hooooooo Jaclyn! You go girl! Open mics turns out to be a great idea. I know you’ll grow and succeed on an amazing level. Rock on! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Randy!!!! I appreciate it so much. I’ve been attending open mics like they are going out of style… Thanks for your comment and have an AWESOME day! 🙂

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