My Risk, My Dream

You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.

-Paulo Coelho-

I am four days away from releasing my debut EP (it will be available on iTunes in March, but physical copies arrive/songs will be available for immediate download on my website Tuesday, January 28th). It has been such a journey and I have had numerous triumphs and heartbreaks in the process.  I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how challenging getting my music career off the ground would be. I’ve spent hours in the studio, hours writing lyrics and melodies, hours traveling around California connecting with professionals in the music industry, hours studying, researching, and crafting–I have put everything I know to give into this dream of mine… and now the first six of my songs are being released into the music world in 4 days…

I want to be openly honest with you because I believe it may be a source of encouragement.  Sharing music, sharing art, sharing a piece of me is a very risky thing (as it is sharing anything close to your heart). I am nervous and anxious, and if I’m really honest, scared.  I am knowingly opening myself up to criticism and to possible failure–but I am also opening myself up to the miracle of life–when the unexpected might happen.  Yes, I could fail, but I could also triumph.

The same goes for you… Whatever your dream, goal, ambition–RUN after it.  Nothing worth doing is ever easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  There will be naysayers, and maybe even friends and family members that discourage you from following your dream (I had both), but if your gut tells you otherwise, listen to it.  Before she was a best selling author, Julia Cameron, was told by her psychiatrist that she should be a secretary. She kept writing and has now sold millions of copies of numerous books.  Martin Scorsese was let go from one of the first documentary film making crews he was on, but he kept filming and now has multiple box office hits worldwide.  Lawyer, John Grisham, was told to stick to the courtroom, but he kept writing in his free time and now, he too, is a best selling author of over 20 novels.  My point is that there will ALWAYS be naysayers, but there is only one, unique you.  Only one you that can do exactly what you do… That could be your potential gift to the world, but if you hold it under a bushel, no one will ever know about it…

For years, I held my dream under a bushel.  And for years I felt the burden of hiding it.  Through a series of events 2 years ago (I may share them someday on my blog), I knew I could hide no more. I had had enough.  And I’m glad I reached that uncomfortable point.  Honestly, I still have no idea what the outcome of my EP release will be, but I do know that the satisfaction of running after my dream is worth the risks it required. And I honestly believe that if you, too, run after your dream, whatever it may be, you will feel the same way.

After all, the risk leaves room for the miracle

Go Risk, Go Dream,


Jaclyn Steele

2 thoughts on “My Risk, My Dream

  1. You go, girl! Exposing yourself to the possibility of criticism or ridicule is terrifying, yet it is all about perception. Anyone who doesn’t like what you put out there is seeing (hearing) with their limited experiences. By sharing you, you are opening worlds to others. Sing on, Jaclyn, sing on. I am anxious to hear your voice.

  2. Your EP, your dreams–without risk none are possible. From one Dreamer to Another, I bless you, my Girl. GOD’s on our side!

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