A Passionate Post

Day #2 of The Feel Good Blogging Challenge from Miss Alex Beadon


Why I do what I do is pretty simple… I love music.  I came out of the womb singing (ok, so that is an exaggeration, but you get the idea).  I literally do not remember a time when I didn’t sing.  In kindergarten or first grade I learned about Mozart and how he wrote his first symphony at the age of 4 or something ridiculous like that, so I came home from school and decided to write my first piece of music… on a napkin.  HAHA – all good ideas start on a napkin, right?  I was hoping I would be a virtuoso by 7, though I didn’t know how to read or write music…

I am still currently waiting to be a virtuoso…

And still learning how to read and write music…

(I have picked up a few useful tips and tricks along the way though).

Anywho, music has been my lifelong passion and muse.  It has lifted me during hard times, calmed me during chaotic times, and provided me with more joy than I can type.  It is my life’s burden and blessing – like Jonah who ran from Nineveh and was swallowed by the whale, I have run from my musical dreams and been repeatedly reminded that I belong in Nineveh (or in this case, a city in which I can purse my music as a career).

The other reason I do what I do, blogging, stems from my longing to share what I am learning with the world.  I feel like everyday is so full of information and inspiration and character building experiences – and I am absorbing content at such a rapid rate I feel as though I could burst!!! And I want a forum to share all the things I am learning in hope that I can encourage and inspire others to pursue their dreams, and in turn, be inspired myself.

As I grow old, I want my smile lines to be the deepest and for people to think of me as someone who has a great capacity to love.


I wish you LIGHT & LOVE & PEACE,


Jaclyn Steele


If you want to hear or see more of me…

Twitter: MsJaclynSteele

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