The Alchemist, The Hero’s Journey, and the BIG Question

Hi Beautiful People –

At the beginning of this month I announced the FIRST ever REBEL Society Book of the Month: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.  I then raffled off a free copy of the book (Congrats, Donna!) to get people excited about reading it and participating, however, after that, I felt a little foggy over how to go about asking questions that prompted the kind of discussion I envisioned taking place.

So, I did what I do when I feel unsure of my next move.  I let it marinate.  I thought about it.  I chewed on it.  I meditated.  I left it alone for a little while.

Why all this trouble and time regarding a book of the month you ask?

I’ll tell you…

Because it matters.  Specifically, it matters to me.  Everything I put into the Inter-verse I do with intention.  And at the crux of every one of my intentions is love.  Yes, I would love to have a successful blog, and music career, and I would be overjoyed for The REBEL Society to become an international movement, but without love, none of the above would matter.

I pour my heart and soul into my work, both on and offline, so I’m very careful about what I’m willing to publish and put out there.

But in regard to The Alchemist, after letting my ideas sit for a while…

I’ve decided not to abide by any traditional book club formatting.  I’m not going to ask you questions about each chapter and request a summary or report.  While those things can be very valuable, they are not the focus of why I think this is such a great book or why I created this book club in the first place.

The Alchemist is so great because its an extraordinary story about a hero’s journey.  A very ordinary hero, I might add, but a hero nonetheless.

And the hero’s journey is ALL about discovering yourself, and in Paulo’s words, discovering your “personal legend” and then living it out loud.

Since the hero’s journey is the heartbeat of The REBEL Society, and because each hero has a different journey, no standardized questions I present will hold a candle to the one and only question I want you to be thinking about as you read this extraordinary text:


Each sentence, each paragraph, each page, each section…. How does it make you feel?  Are you inspired?  Are you frightened?  Are you angry?  Are you relieved?  Are you excited?

There is no right or wrong answer here… the correct answer is simply YOUR truth.  Yours.  Completely and utterly your truth. No one else’s.

And in this thing we called lifeOne of the first steps in embarking on our own hero’s journey is figuring out what it is that you/we love…

That is why I say the definition of a RE•BEL: is one who dares life not to let them do what they love.

The REBEL Society is a tribe of people figuring out and living out what we love.  Through our creativity, our dreams, and our passions, we are creating lives that we REALLY want to be living… Lives we LOVE.

And in order to figure out what you do love sometimes you have to figure out what you don’t love first… (I have a plethora of stories about this that I will save for another post.)

You also have to find your truth… That innermost part of you that is creating your life as you know it.  That innermost part of you that is dreaming of a life so magnificent it scares you.  That innermost part of you that cries out with passion for a life that you want to LIVE (not exist within) but LIVE.

And finding your truth = getting in touch with your feelings.  Your REAL feelings.

Not the ones that people say your should be feeling.  Or the ones you think you should be feeling.  Or the ones you’ve been conditioned to feel.  But the ones that live in your gut… the ones you actually feel.

So as you read this amazing text, ask yourself.  How does this make me feel?

Because getting in touch with those feelings is the first step in YOUR hero’s journey.

You are a hero…

You are the creator of your own destiny.

You are the leading lady/gent.

You are the author

and creator.

and director.

and producer.



(You just might not know it yet.)

So as you read, keep in mind your gut feelings.  They will lead you, like Santiago, on your own hero’s journey.

 Its not always safe… but it is good.

If you amazing REBELS are liking these posts, please share them, or comment below, or tell a friend.  The more light, love, & peace we can spread, the better.

It may take a lot of people to move a mountain, but it starts with a single stone…

I wish you all LIGHT, LOVE, and infinite PEACE,


Jaclyn Steele

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