The REBEL Society Project: 1st Interviewee – Michael Gibson

I’m SO excited to introduce today’s REBEL Society Project Interviewee, Michael Gibson.  He is a guy with a heart of gold in Athens, GA that just so happens to be the LEAD guitar player in The Jaclyn Steele Band.  He is incredibly creative, intuitive, and he is one of the BEST guitar players I have ever had the pleasure of being around.

If you are unfamiliar with what The REBEL Society Project is all about, then click here.  I interviewed myself to kick off the project, and if you missed that video, click here.

My hope is that there are 3 Takeaways from each REBEL Society Project Interview:

  1. That I get to know you & that we all get to know each other a little better… interview by interview.

  2. That I/You LEARN something NEW. 

  3. That I/You are inspired by the stories and insights from your fellow REBEL Society Tribe members & that they get you thinking about your own creativity, dreams, and passions.

So without further adieu, meet Michael Gibson!


What is your name?

Michael Gibson

Where are you from?

Athens GA for the last 25 years or so.  Grew up and early adulthood in West Virginia.

What is your favorite food?

Depends on my mood.  I don’t have a lot of specific favorite things, it tends to vary.  I like burgers a lot, popcorn, chili, hot dogs, a really good salad bar.

What is your favorite word?

Are there going to be children reading this?

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

Ireland, and Scotland.  Always felt a kinship and want to visit there.

Who has been your favorite teacher, and why?

I have found experience to be the best teacher.  You can’t really learn something until you start doing it.

What is your favorite song right now?

I would have to say it should be the one I am currently involved with, either playing, writing or arranging.  If I am not doing that then I guess the one I am about to write next.

Note: Mike wrote this at one point when trying to figure out how to get the numbers aligned in an email… “

  1. Don’t know why the numbers got so (favorite word)ed up.

What was the last thing you got excited about?

This singer/songwriter chick I met last year and have been working with lately.  She’s pretty special.

Hey, I think that’s me!!!!

Tell us something funny about you.

I was born with two heads.  Unfortunately one of them had to be amputated because I couldn’t stop arguing with myself.

What is one of your favorite quotes?

“If heartaches were commercials we’d all be on TV”  -John Prine.

If you could give your 17-year-old self a piece of advice… What would it be?

Do what YOU want to do.  Nobody else knows what is in your heart, what gets your motor running.  Your life is a story, don’t let someone else write it.

How do you define God?

I heard a scientist explaining “dark matter” as something they haven’t discovered yet and can only presume its existence and define it by the idea that it has to exist for everything else to make sense.  That is kind of how I see God, like that and the general concept of Mother Nature.  Something I sense but don’t really need to understand completely to find help and comfort.

What is something you like to do that sparks your creativity?

You mean besides drugs and alcohol?  Just general daydreaming.  Talking to interesting people.  Picking up a guitar.  Sitting down at a keyboard.

What is something you’re passionate about?

See the answer to the first question.

When and how did you discover what you are passionate about?

That would probably be music and books, and I have just always loved both. I do remember getting in trouble in the first grade for being behind in the number of books I needed to read and getting held in at recess to catch up.  By the second grade I was addicted.  Music has just always been in my blood.

What is something you dream of doing?

Making a living playing music.  I have gotten close but haven’t quite pulled it off yet.

How do you think creativity, dreams, and passions relate to each other?

I went around in my mind about which feeds what and I came to the conclusion that it is a big feedback loop I think.  They all need the other for things to grow, like seed needs soil sun and rain.

Do you think creativity, dreams, and passions are important to your life?

Absolutely.  When I fail to nurture them I am existing, not living.

What is 1 piece of advice you want to give your fellow REBELS?

Contribute.  Participate.  Get involved.  Get busy.  Begin.

What do you want The REBEL Society to look like a year from now?

I don’t really think like that.  I want it to be organic, I hope it grows, but I am eager to see what it grows into rather than wishing for anything specific.


Thank you, Michael, for sharing with me and the rest of The REBEL Society.  You are quite a guy and I’m so HAPPY you’re in our Tribe (and in The Jaclyn Steele Band)!

Leave him some comment love, y’all!



Jaclyn Steele


5 thoughts on “The REBEL Society Project: 1st Interviewee – Michael Gibson

  1. The answer to the “name something you are passionate about” was meant to indicate Jaclyn and the band, I am really not all that passionate about myself.

    Although I do make a pretty hot Santa…

  2. In reading Michael’s answers I realized what good questions they are to really give some insight into who the person is. I felt like I knew Michael much better from hearing his answers. Looking forward to meeting others in this way.

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