The REBEL Society Project

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I went to bed last night wishing it was morning because I am so ready & jazzed & pumped & elated (can you tell I had coffee?!?!!?) to get this project out to the world.

It’s called The REBEL Society Project.  And it’s all about getting to know The REBEL Society Tribe.

From DAY 1, I wanted The REBEL Society to be a community for creatives, dreamers, and passionate people desiring to live a life of purpose.  But how does one cultivate a community?  I had no idea.  So I meditated on it and The REBEL Society Project was BORN.

I possess an insatiable curiosity. I ask a lot of questions. I believe that has been one of the largest contributing factors to my expanding world view. I also believe that swapping stories creates a camradery unlike anything else. When you listen to/read what someone else is saying, really paying attention, there is a connection that occurs… A spark…  A light bulb.  We have the opportunity to learn from each other and grow TOGETHER!  How cool!  So how is this going to take place you ask…

My plan is to interview as many people as I possibly can. 

– Spotlighting them individually on my blog and social media channels as I go…

(This couldn’t be more perfect as I now have a legitimate excuse to ask people TONS questions!!!!!! – Ok, not tons, but enough to get me really pumped.) These interviews will take place in both written and video format depending on the location of the interviewee.

I will be asking the very SAME questions of every single person to maintain consistency throughout the entire project.

There are no right or wrong answersjust insights into the lives of OUR Rebel Society Tribe.

My hope is that there are 3 Takeaways from each REBEL Society Project Interview:

  1. That I get to know you & that we all get to know each other a little better… interview by interview.

  2. That I/You LEARN something NEW.

  3. That I/You are inspired by the stories and insights from your fellow REBEL Society Tribe members & that they get you thinking about your own creativity, dreams, and passions.

With permission, of course, I will publish each interview on THIS very blog and share it through The REBEL Society’s social media channels.

Get excited! This is HAPPENING!


Jaclyn Steele


For more information about The REBEL Society, visit THE page.

p.s. I plan on interviewing myself as well… It shouldn’t be too hard as I already have at least 2 voices speaking to me on a daily basis. 😉


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