The REBEL Society: Tangled

I take my dogs for a short walk every morning after I wake up. They know the routine just as well as I do. After doing their down dog stretch accompanied by a couple of yawns, they patiently wait at the door for me to put on their harnesses and welcome the morning.

I absolutely adore my dogs, but I’ll be the first to admit, they are awful on leashes. Just awful. Tumnus pulls and Pippin holds back. At times, Tumnus will pull so hard he makes himself cough, while Pippin will hold back so stubbornly that her harness slips right over her little body. It can be very frustrating. To onlookers it probably seems as though these little fluff balls have never been on a walk… LOL.

I have extendable leashes for both of them and this morning on our walk they got tangled. In our lovely apartment complex we have lots of fun obstacles – boulders, shrubbery, grills, fencing, & many newly planted trees. These trees are tied with ropes fastened to a stake in the ground for extra support and protection as they grow. My dogs seem to think this piece de resistance of obstacles is the absolute best – they weave in and out of these ropes and sometimes get so tangled I have to do a magical interpretive dance to get them undone. Some mornings I’m more awake than others and see this coming and steer them in the others direction…

But alas, today was not one of those mornings.

As Tumnus pulled forward and Pippin refused to move at all, there was a thought that stirred in me as I felt the frustration build and it was this…

Everything will be alright.

I know that is so simple and said so often, but in this moment as I thought the above thought, I watched as my dogs untangled themselves. They weaved and untraced their steps and voila! they were free.

I realized this is an important lesson for me in the world beyond my morning walk with my dogs. Sometimes, I get so tangled in thoughts, circumstances, etc. that I forget to take a step back and allow the Universe to do what it does if we allow it… Untangle. My energy and focus is better spent pursuing my dreams and enjoying my life.

Frustrating, painful, important, life altering events will happen, but I can be like the tree in their midst. Steady, strong, un-wavered by the chaos around me. The wind may rattle the leaves and sway the branches, but I can be so “grounded” that my roots don’t move a millimeter in the face of bad weather.

Whatever you may be going through right now, whether its rainbows or rainstorms, know that everything will be alright. Our circumstances do not have to control us. We can be a steady, calm, resolved force/tree within their midst.

And if we allow God to takeover, we will surely be untangled.

Cheers to our Teacher-Dogs!


Jaclyn Steele

Tumnus - Jaclyn Steele's best friend

Tumnus doing what Tumnus does best… spooning.




Pippin - Jaclyn Steele's other best friend

This is Pippin. She has a super power. She can melt a person’s heart in 2 seconds flat.


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