The REBEL Society VLOG Ep. 2: The REBEL Society Project

In this episode of REBEL WEDNESDAY, I’m kicking off The REBEL Society Project and interviewing myself.

I came up with 20 questions I’m going to ask each REBEL interviewee, but before diving in with anyone else, I figured I need to answer these questions myself.  I can’t expect anyone to do anything I am not also willing to do…

So, here it is!  The first interview!!!


Here are the questions for your reference:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What is your favorite food?
  4. What is your favorite word?
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
  6. Who has been your favorite teacher, and why?
  7. What is your favorite song right now?
  8. What was the last thing you got excited about?
  9. Tell us something funny about you.
  10. What is one of your favorite quotes?
  11. If you could give your 17-year-old self a piece of advice… What would it be?
  12. How do you define God?
  13. What is something you like to do that sparks your creativity?
  14. What is something you’re passionate about?
  15. When and how did you discover what you are passionate about?
  16. What is something you dream of doing?
  17. How do you think creativity, dreams, and passions relate to each other?
  18. Do you think creativity, dreams, and passions are important to your life?
  19. What is 1 piece of advice you want to give your fellow REBELS?
  20. What do you want The REBEL Society to look like a year from now?

Leave me some comments and let me know what you think!

Would you be willing to answer these questions?  

Which one is your favorite?  

Was there one answer in particular that made you smile or think a little deeper?



Jaclyn Steele

4 thoughts on “The REBEL Society VLOG Ep. 2: The REBEL Society Project

  1. Hi Jaclyn

    I am so happy to see you doing this for yourself and others, you are a radiant force of power and light. I was also really pleased to see you acknowledging my friend, Kathleen Capella, as you are absolutely right about her loving ways…(she is a great heart mentor for many of us). As are you…So keep up the great works you are doing, it’s so wonderfully inspiring, delightful and honest. Diane

    1. Diane-

      Thank you for your heartfelt words. They really touched me. I feel so encouraged. <3 Yes, Kathleen is a force of love so great its hard to comprehend at times. I love her so much and I agree that she is a heart mentor for MANY of us!! I would love for you to join our Facebook group if you are on Facebook. Its becoming such a cool tribe of REBELS and I'd love to have you!

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