The REBEL Society VLOG: Purpose

Yogo Bajan said, “The one thing in life you have to do. Be the lighthouse.”

This vlog post is all about your purpose here on this beautiful planet: it is simply to be the lighthouse.

Follow what lights you up and the rest will fall into place.


Jaclyn Steele


2 thoughts on “The REBEL Society VLOG: Purpose

  1. We were having a discusision about Life’s Purpose at lunch yesterday with a couple of my favorite women so this is timely. Good addition to what we came up with which was being fully in the moment. Think they go hand in hand.

    1. I love the “being in the moment” conclusion. Its so true, and I agree, I think to be the lighthouse, you have to encompass the moment you are in and be fully present with others. I love you so much Kathleen! Cheers to being a HUGE lighthouse in my life. <3

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