When Your Calendar of Obligations Doesn’t Reflect the Pursual of Your Dreams

Its been a while since my last music post. A lot has been happening.

I’ve been playing around Athens, GA frequently. I’ve been a featured regular with growing band Reverend Tribble & the Deacons, one half of a duo called Jaclyn Steele & the Reverend, and I’ve also been getting my own band together.

Its been busy.

Too busy.

So busy that I’m spreading myself too thin.  I’ve gotten sick more frequently than usual which is a sign of a weakened immune system – a result of exhaustion in my case.

Its a common misconception when you are trying to get your music career off the ground that you should take every gig you are offered. That’s an understandable presumption. More gigs = more exposure, however, true to form, I thought I could do everything ALL AT ONCE.


I am a powerful human, but I am not super human.


I can do everything, but I cannot do everything all at once.


So, I’ve stepped back from 2 of the acts I have been performing in to concentrate on my own band and my own original music. That is where my passion lies, but according to my schedule, was not where my time was allocated.

I made some big changes. I’m risking playing more frequently for playing gigs where I can showcase my original music. Time will tell if it pays off, but as far as my heart is concerned – its soaring. SOARING!

I had a serious wake up call a little over a month ago where I realized that I wasn’t much farther down the path to getting my band off the ground than I was several months ago. It was a really sucky feeling, but one I’m glad I experienced because it gave me the swift kick in the rear I needed.

I took a hard look at my calendar of obligations and realized that it was FULL of activities – many of which were centered around music – but not MY music and where I wanted my music career to be going.


LESSON: It is incredibly important to take stock of your life. What is your dream? Is your calendar of obligations propelling you toward or driving you away from achieving your dream?


In my case, it isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. I have so many amazing friends in the music community and all of these wonderful opportunities, but what I realized quickly was I only have so much time and energy and I need to reserve those valuable resources to further my dream.  I cannot please everyone and my people pleasing tendency has slowed me down immensely.


Not every opportunity is the right opportunity for me. Or you. Or anyone.


You have to constantly weigh the pros and cons of each opportunity as it presents itself.

Sound selfish?

Maybe it is. But achieving your dream requires time and energy and because you only have so much of each, you have to make difficult decisions.

So I did. I’m focusing on my original music, my band, and The REBEL Society.

Since making this decision, my productivity and creativity have shot through the roof.

Coincidence? I think not.

I wrote on a post-it a couple of months ago that,


“When I am over scheduled, I feel under inspired.”


It has been a great reminder for me to take a step back, look at where my time and energy are being used up, and then adjust according to where they need to be focused in order to further my dream.

I’ll leave you with this awesome quote from Sheryl Strayed… Though I don’t have children, this is the drive I would like to inspire/ignite The REBEL Society (slash the WORLD) with…




Jaclyn Steele

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