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88. Are you the driver or the passenger?

One of the primary goals of this podcast, dearest listeners, is to empower you. And today, I want to lovingly remind you of how powerful you are. How under any circumstance, like Marcus Aurelius wrote, you can get a hold of yourself quickly and get back into rhythm when you decide to. I have news for you, friend. You are the super hero of your life.

87. Unconditional or conditional relationship?

What is unconditional love? And what does it look like? For most of my life, I thought I knew the answer to this, but recently, I’ve been rethinking what unconditional love really is. For so long and for so many, the concept of unconditional love has been equated with an extreme version of “turning the other cheek.” But for those of us who keep turning that cheek, this doesn’t really feel like love. It feels more like a one-sided relationship.


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86. Ayahuasca with Dr. Keith Campbell

Can psychedelics, and more specifically, ceremonial ayahuasca really spur lasting positive personality changes? Have psychedelics been wrongly vilified? I chat this and more with 2nd time Self Discovery guest and psychologist, Dr. W. Keith Campbell, as he shares the scientific research he and his team have done around shamanic based ayahuasca.

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