Jaclyn Steele

I’m a singer, songwriter, + creative entrepreneur. This site is my project hub, my little satellite call to you all to share my music, business pursuits, + what I find to be, well, worth sharing.

Life is best when it is shared + that’s
precisely how I intend to live it.

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Jaclyn Steele in Athens, GA

What I Do

In short, I create.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur + zealous lover of life. By day, I’m a branding + marketing maven at a creative agency I started called Steele International. By night, I am a performer, recording artist, + writer.  Creative work gives breath to my lungs + it’s my greatest honor to share it with others.

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Why This Website Exists

'Cause Simplicity is Everything.

I’m so not alone in being multi-passionate, but trying to explain what I do at a cocktail hour in one sentence + then hand someone 3 business cards with 3 different websites is too complicated for me. That’s why I created Jaclyn Steele International. It houses all that is important to me + what I feel might benefit you.

Multiple projects, 1 hub. Simplicity feels so good.

Current Work

What's Happenin' in the Here and Now.

The Music

Music is a universal language + one of the most effective ways to tell a story.  I love the way it connects people + I knew from an early age it would play a monumental role in my life.  You can listen to my music at jaclynsteele.com.

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The Agency

Steele International is a creative agency specializing in Branding, Business Consulting, Graphic Design, & Videography.  This business is the best vehicle to pair my creativity with business owners seeking growth.

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Additional Startups

I love the creative building process in business, so I have my little fingers in a few awesome startup projects.  I’m chatting some of the challenges and triumphs via my blog if you’re interested in learning more…

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Videos Made


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Cups of Coffee

The Blog

Know yourself, so you can be yourself.


What People Are Saying!

The Art of Giving Back

Organizations I love


Philanthropy - Farm Animal Rescue + Advocation
Farm Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates, and provides lifelong care for hundreds of animals who have been saved from stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. At their three shelters, rescued residents are given the care and love they need to recover from abuse and neglect. All of the animals enjoy nourishing food, clean barns, and green pastures each and every day.


Philanthropy - Childhood Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin

SeeGeorgeGo empowers educators to support student development outside of the typical classroom environment and instills work ethic, community engagement, and the value of collaboration.



Philanthropy - Wildlife Rescue
Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Educational Sanctuary for exotic animals as well as farm animals. We also rehab 100’s of animals yearly through our Wildlife Rehabilitation Program.

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