Jaclyn Steele

Dearest Reader

Dearest Reader,


First of all, I am so glad you are here.  It’s an honor to connect with you in this way and the fact that you are taking the precious time out of your day to read this blog is not lost on me.  Nor will it ever be.

That’s why I want to pledge to you, that in this blog, I’ll keep it honest.  This writing and these videos are me unfiltered.  I mean, occasionally, full disclosure, I use filters, but what I really mean is, this blog is my mind unfiltered.  I’ve realized, as many do with age, that constantly filtering myself was actually making me shrink.  All the second guessing, all the over analyzing, all the replaying in my mind – it’s done no good.  I want to be raw.  I want to be real.  I want to be authentic.

Why?  Because I genuinely believe that if I am able to do this and do it publicly, then maybe you’ll give yourself the permission you need to do the same.

And why is that important? Because we live in a world of facades and spun up realities that bare no resemblance to a real reality – and this sucks because it leaves all of us a state of feeling like we have to keep up with something that is absolutely impossible to keep up with because it doesn’t exist.

I want to break down the walls and build up the connection.  That kind of connection that leaves you feeling full and satiated and loved like you just had a gorgeous dinner with your most treasured people.  I want more of that myself and my desire is to cultivate that feeling everywhere I go, including here.

I want to share what I am learning and I want to learn from you.  I welcome feedback.

I want to create what I love to create and I want to see creativity in action from you.  I welcome your creations – ideas, photos, paintings, music, writing, recipes – I want to see/hear/read/taste/experience them.

I want to teach what has been a catalyst for positive change in my life and I want you to teach me what has been a catalyst for positive change in yours.  I welcome the exchange of useful information.

I want to grow and challenge myself and I want to do that alongside other people who value the importance of doing so.  I welcome life transitions and changes and I want you to know that “normal” doesn’t really exist, because life is what we make it.

Ok, that’s all for now.  Again, I’m so glad you are here.

Light, Love, & Peace,



p.s. I also pledge that I’ll make mistakes – put my foot in my mouth, make typos, etc.  I’m human and I’m not seeking perfection.  I’m seeking authenticity. 🙂



  • Jean Biddle

    Jaclyn, you are genuine, kind, and give so freely of all you have to share. It shows through your music, your words, and your graphics. This website is beautiful, and how could it not be? I look forward to continuing this journey with you. Much love always.

    • jsteele

      Jean, I feel like you so people in such a unique and honest way. You see right through to the heart. You are such a dear human and I’m honored you spent time looking at my site. Thank you. And thank you for always being so supportive. So much love to you, friend. You are CHERISHED!

  • Paula Loniak

    Jaclyn, every moment I’ve spent with you has been helpful & enjoyable. You have a huge heart & I appreciate everything you’ve helped me with. I’m very happy that you’re starting this dialog & look forward to watching it grow & succeed. Your ‘Mission statement’ says it all: We need to help each other & stay positive about our own lives as well as others’ lives.

    • jsteele

      Paula, this brings tears to my eyes. THANK YOU. Yes, we must stay positive and help one another – that’s what makes humans so unique – our ability to do just that. We can’t lose sight of what’s important. You are awesome and thank you for leaving this cherished comment.

  • Kelly

    Girl I love this!! I love you! I love your authenticity too! I started a connect group at church about a year ago called, Authentically You’ because it’s who I am and I wanted to invite others to join me in living life together and being real! I never thought that beautiful women young and old would become my sisters…my squad…my tribe!

    Keep it up! I’m forever a fan and supporter!

    • jsteele

      Kelly, we truly are sisters from different misters. I’m inspired by your heart and drive and I’m so happy to know that our missions are congruent. That’s so cool! What a gift to know there are such authentic like minds like you. Keep rocking it, lady and I’m SO freaking proud to know you! I’m a forever fan of YOURS!

  • Kathleen Capella

    Congratulations on taking this experience to this beautiful end. I cherish you and feel privileged to be in your life. Keep up the real authentic expression in our world that so needs this authenticity. You are amazing!

    • jsteele

      Kathleen, I needed this encouragement today. Thank you deeply. I cherish you and your friendship. You have been a beacon of love and light in my life and I’m so much richer for it. <3

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